ISO 17025

17025 Accreditation Process

Illiana Instrumentation has completed their full ISO 17025 Quality Assessment.  This
assessment was conducted by A2LA (the American Association of Laboratory
The ISO 17025 assessment covers all areas of the lab.   The quality manual is
reviewed for compliance to the standard.  All quality records are reviewed including
office and technical procedures.

During this on-site process, a trained auditor must witness the lab actually
performing every type of calibration contained in their scope.  This includes
laboratory and on-site visits to a customer’s facility.  All calibration standards used
by the lab are inspected and proof of current accredited calibration certificates for
each standard are reviewed.  Random certificates from past work are reviewed for
every type of calibration performed.

Illiana made a commitment to ISO certification over a decade ago and has
continued to refine and improve their quality system for the past 12 years.  This
latest achievement has been the result of constant work and dedication by everyone
at Illiana.

Paul Grolla, Illiana’s Quality Assurance Manager said “I am so proud of our
employees for their hard work that helped us achieve this milestone.  I am also
thankful to our quality customers that have helped us along the way.”
*All calibrations may not be included in our
accreditation.  Please view our certificate and
scope for complete parameters.