Illiana specializes in on-site calibration of process control instrumentation. Calibration and
service performed at regular intervals keeps your instruments running and operating at their
best. It saves you emergency maintenance costs, and the costs of unscheduled downtime.

Time-in-service, temperature, humidity, and environmental exposures can all affect your
measurement accuracy. The costs of having inaccurate equipment are high: poor product
quality, downtime, product loss, and the inability to meet standards.

Illiana Instrumentation Service technicians perform complete solutions for calibration of
process control instrumentation, electrical and mechanical, to meet your most stringent
documentation and quality system requirements. No matter what requirements you have, we
can tailor a solution designed to improve your bottom line.

Whether you are driven by the need to extend your instruments' lifecycles, ISO-9000
requirements, or by corporate mandates, Illiana offers the calibration support you need to

Illiana's lab is ISO 17025 accredited and NIST traceable. Our veteran technicians work
quickly and thoroughly to make sure your units are calibrated in a timely manner, according
to your exact requirements.

Read more about calibration here
17025 & AMS2750E
*All calibrations may not be included in our
accreditation.  Please view our certificate and
scope for complete parameters.