One of the many calibration
services we perform is
precision on-site temperature
calibration.  This typically
requires that we remove the
customer’s temperature probe
from the process and insert it
into an ice bath and dry block
calibration device.  This probe
is often a thermocouple or
RTD.  We then read the
temperature on the customer’s
process control
instrumentation.  This method
checks the calibration of the
whole system and is therefore
often called a System
Accuracy Test or SAT.  Some
customers refer to this as a
loop check.
When very high accuracy calibrations are required, we utilize a high precision platinum PRT temperature
probe and Hart Scientific (Fluke) Black Stack temperature indicator.  This combination allows us to
measure temperatures with a resolution of 0.0001 degree and uncertainties as small as .02 degrees C.  
Some of our pharmaceutical customers require this level of accuracy.

For other industries we utilize dry block calibrators capable of achieving 1200 Deg. F.  When working in
the metal heat treat industry, SAT’s are typically performed by leaving the customer's temperature probe,
typically a thermocouple, in the furnace and inserting our calibrated test thermocouple into the same
thermowell or protection tube and reading the temperature on our calibrated test instrument.  We are
familiar with AMS 2750E and work to this standard on a regular basis.

Please give us a call to discuss your calibration requirements.
*All calibrations may not be included in our
accreditation.  Please view our certificate and
scope for complete parameters.